Everything starts with a story, right?

Hi, I'm Cat!

We founded Freya & Bloom in 2020 as a pilot project after losing our baby girl Freya too soon. We know that she is blooming in heaven, and we thank her every day for sending us her baby brother, Dominic. 

As a small business, our aim was to create a conscious brand featuring wardrobe staples with the majority of items made to order to reduce waste.

For every order we receive, we donate percentage of our profits towards miscarriage and stillbirth research to help save other babies lives.


We aim to brighten your everyday and bring you joy through our custom, one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces. 

Our choice of dyes matters.

We're committed to using the highest quality dyes on the market which are vegan and non-toxic to ensure our apparel is 100% safe both for yourself and your little one. 

All dyes used by Freya & Bloom Co contain no chemicals components and have been vetted by Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Our dyes are equally safe for the sewer and septic systems while our production process is sustainable and ethical.


At Freya & Bloom Co, we aim to play our part towards a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Shopping responsibly

We carefully select our suppliers and choose to work with small businesses which share the same values and principles as us.

Our packaging is minimal in order to reduce environmental impact. We say no to plastic. We'll never use polypropylene garment bags with our apparel, instead, we think about packaging alternatives that can be reused or repurposed within your home.

Cosmetically flawed products are not thrown away; we sell these quarterly at a huge discount for a more sustainable approach.